The Purpose of Dresser Drawer Liners

The Purpose of Dresser Drawer Liners

Drawer liners are a simple luxury that has been around for decades. Adding a splash of color and texture to the hidden parts of our home is a classy way to bolster décor. Besides this, however, they have many practical uses. The purpose of dresser drawer liners is much deeper than their excellent aesthetics. They are a very practical addition to any home.

Why Use Liner Paper?

The purpose of dresser drawer liners is to protect the interior of furniture. This is still relevant today, especially with antique furniture and other quality-made pieces. Often, the interior of dresser drawers is unfinished, exposing porous wood to the environment. This can result in scratched, dinged, and stained interiors which are hard to fix. Raw wood is also a magnet for dust which happily hides between the grains. Over time, this makes the wood look dirty and it contributes to the dust in the room every time the dresser is opened.

What Does Liner Paper Do?

Adding liner paper to a drawer does a few different things to help defend your furniture. Liners are tough pieces of material, often vinyl, which create a layer between your dresser and the outside world. Anything dropped in or sliding around the drawer will not be able to damage the paper like the unfinished wood.

Additionally, this tight seal over the wood will stop dust and grime from staining. The liner itself will not get stained easily, retaining its beauty for years. Liner paper is also very easy to wipe off and clean, making routine chores much easier. Lastly, they are simply very attractive and can be used to decorate even the forgotten spaces of your home. They have a simple elegance you will appreciate deeply each time you open a dresser and don’t have to look at an unfinished interior!

Spruce Things up With Scented

One of the nicest things about floral drawer liner paper is the scented option. Many different styles are available that carry a light scent. Often, the scents available match up with popular aromatherapy oils and household scents today. Our beautiful flowery liners come in a range of colors with matching scents. Plumeria, lavender, sea fresh, and lemon to name just a few.

Using a scented liner still provides the quality defense you want for your furniture. The bonus smell is a great way to introduce good scents without spraying air fresheners. Simply open your drawers like you normally would and enjoy the delightful waft of your chosen scent. The smells of liner paper can also have a wonderful effect on anything stored amidst them. Clothes especially will absorb the scent, giving them an always-fresh smell as though they just came out of the dryer.

Paige Pesko