How To Prepare Your New Baby’s Dresser

How To Prepare Your New Baby’s Dresser

Everyone knows that babies take a lot of effort. One of the things few people realize—until they’ve had a child—is how much planning and forethought goes into getting ready for one. Every detail must be perfect, down to every piece of furniture. The simpler and more accessible you can make the home, the more stress you avoid during urgent moments.

This is especially true when it comes to just finding your necessities—diapers, wipes, creams, etc.—without having to search. One of the best ways to achieve this is by organizing storage inside the baby’s room to emphasize quick and easy access. How to prepare your new baby’s dresser is something of an art form. However, there are lots of tips to help new moms settle into efficiently using their nursery.

Start With the Essentials

The first thing to keep in mind when preparing your baby’s dresser is to think of it as a workstation. Your chosen dresser will be the center of operations for all your infant care needs, so dedicate the first drawer or two to your must-have work tools.

Start with hygienic items. These are the essentials that doctors and educators cover first—things like nasal aspirators, oral care tools, and dispensers for any essential medicines. Next, add items that you will use every diaper change: wipes, lotions, creams, and other basic care items.

Besides this, you may also want to pack a small container with other generally handy care supplies, including brushes, clippers, thermometers, and the like. Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you have an easy-to-grab selection of diapers. This section of items revolves around the tasks you’ll want to accomplish efficiently when it comes to keeping your baby happy and clean.

Sort the Clothes Out

The second most important thing in your mom’s arsenal is what your baby will wear. Kids are messy, so having extra supplies on hand will make your job so much easier. Carefully arrange all your baby’s outfits. Keep favorite clothes close to the front of the drawers for quick access. Reserve the backs for general items like swaddling, emergency spare onesies, shirts, and pants. It’s also a good idea to dedicate a drawer to blankets and bedding.

Having extra warm things and the supplies necessary to reset the crib is great for any busy mom. As before, the goal is to create a grab-and-go system. Piles of clothes are not always as efficient as loosely packed or rolled clothes. It’s easier to grab a shirt out of a filing system than it is to drag one out of a pile with one hand while holding a baby in the other.

As mentioned, you can also roll their clothes. Try fixing rolls with just a square of tape, only enough to keep the easy-to-handle shape so that you can single-handedly remove it without effort. Bundles do well in a more loosely organized style and are easy to push aside and dig through without making a mess.

Stay Focused on Need vs. Want

When it comes to baby supplies, you have an excess of options. For many new parents, this can be overwhelming. It’s tempting to spend a bunch of money on everything cute and potentially useful. Try to stick to the essentials and remember that you’re buying any additional items for yourself.

Your baby won’t know the difference when it comes to colorful shapes, patterns, and accessories. Keep it simple, especially when it comes to decorative items. While you may want to buy every convenience item and gadget in the parenting aisle, it’s just not realistic. Still, impulse buys happen.

Instead of trying to fit every item into your nice, neat dressers, leave it on top or somewhere else handy. If you don’t find yourself using your latest purchase, even when it’s conveniently in reach, then definitely don’t put it in the dresser.

Somewhat useful items may be better off migrating to your bathroom, bedroom, or another storage area. Lastly, don’t hesitate to donate items you end up not needing. Having less just makes the essentials stronger, and you can help some other families in need.

Make It Easy To Maintain

An organizational system is only useful if it stays in place. In the frantic reality of parenting, it doesn’t take much to push your plans to the breaking point. Therefore, a minimalist approach is best when it comes to preparing for your baby. The fewer moving parts you have in place, the less likely it is that things will break down. This concept applies to your cleaning needs as well.

Besides keeping your baby clean, you’ll need to maintain their dresser and room as well. There are a lot of tricks you can employ to streamline this process. Choosing smooth-surfaced furniture, such as well-sealed wood, will make it easy to clean. Using colors over plain white or creams will reduce stains. Consider using our drawer liner paper for the nursery to make the insides easier to wipe off and infuse clothes with a fresh aroma. A gloss or semi-gloss wall paint isn’t as adorable as baby print wallpaper, but it is much easier to clean.

Keep It Organized

How to prepare your new baby’s dresser comes down to one thing—you! While it can be helpful to review various diagrams and charts on how other people go about it, the only necessary solution is the one that works for you. You will need to pick the right dresser for your needs first.

While many people declare double dressers the best, it depends on your available space. As for filling the drawers, only you know how you go about caring for your baby. So how you arrange things in it is going to be unique to you and your little one.

Following the above guide will help keep things generally sorted, but the details are up to you. One general rule that will apply to anyone, though, is to remember not to stuff. It’s pretty natural to see an empty drawer and want to use the space efficiently. But when it comes to baby dressers, it’s not about using every inch of space. The goal is to create a minimalist assortment of your baby’s must-have gear.

Stacking will turn into a jumbled mess you’ll have to paw through to find that one thing you need immediately. Take the time to lay out everything, especially the essentials, in an easy-to-grab manner. A well-organized drawer lets you see every item and its label in a glance without digging around.

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How To Prepare Your New Baby’s Dresser

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