Gift Occasions Well Suited to Scented Drawer Liners

Finding the right gift for important celebrations with family and friends can be a challenge, especially if you have celebrated with the same people multiple times. It can be even trickier if you love giving unique gifts but need to time them for specific events. To help you on your quest, Scentennials has put together a list of gift occasions well suited to scented drawer liners.  

Baby Showers 

Baby showers are a time when the parents need many different supplies for baby’s room, and they often want to make sure everything is just right. Color coordination, youngster-friendly features, and an overall soothing environment are what many mothers are focused on. This gift occasion is well suited to scented drawer liners because they lend a calming, fragrant scent to the room where baby will be spending a lot of time.  


When it’s time to move, nearly everything will get put in a box! After items have been stuffed in tight quarters in transportation storage and truck beds, clothes may not smell fresh. Giving your spouse, family member, or friend a box of our scented drawer liners is a great way to spruce up the smells! Adding a few sheets of these to a dresser drawer after a move brings a sense of home to the new location. Whoever you give them to will love them!  


Families who adopt have a lot on their hands, not the least of which is preparing their home to share with a new individual. As a result, many areas of the home may be cleaned, renovated, and redesigned. Ensuring one’s home is bright and clean during such a significant transition can be difficult, which is why this life event complements our products perfectly. Giving your friends or relatives a delightful scent to add to their new child’s room means one less thing for them to be concerned with!  


Everyone enjoys getting something they love for their birthday! Why not give the experience of a crisp, fresh scent for clothes drawers? Our much-loved scented drawer liners make particularly great gifts for mothers, sisters, and grandmothers.  

Leaving for College 

Children and grandchildren going off to college is another gift occasion well suited to scented drawer liners. College dorm rooms are notorious for funky smells, especially for first-time college students! Give the gift of fresh-smelling drawers for your daughter or granddaughter; they will thank you later!  

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