Lavender Scented Drawer Liners
Sea Fresh Scented Drawer Liners
Heritage Rose Scented Drawer Liners
Vanilla Pearl Scented Drawer Liners
Sea Fresh Linen Spray (32oz)
White Ginger Linen Spray (32oz)
Rose Linen Spray (32oz)
Plumeria Linen Spray (32oz)
Just for Baby Scented Drawer Liners (Pink)
Just for Baby Scented Drawer Liners (Blue)
Jungle Baby's Dream Scented Drawer Liners
The Gift of Persia Scented Drawer Liners
Jasmine & Lily Scented Drawer Liners
Vintage Toile Scented Drawer Liners
Positive Thoughts Scented Drawer Liners

Best Selling!

Original Series Scented Drawer Liners

7 fragrances to choose from.

Perfect for Dressers, Kitchen, Bathroom, Vanity or Linen Closet. You'll love pulling your clothes out of the dresser each day. 

The soft and pleasant floral design is a charming addition to decor already in your lovely home.  Perfect for freshening up musty vintage drawers. 

Comes with 6, 12 or 18 Scented Sheets in a box.

Sheet Size: 16.5" x 22

lavender scented drawer liner

Jasmine & Lily print captures the essence of the Orient.

Exotic blend of Lily and Jasmine oils.

Comes in a matching presentation box.

Contains 6, 12 or 18 Sheets in a single box;

Sheet Size: 16.5" X 22"

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Scented Drawer Liners and Fine Scented Products

Welcome to Scentennials—home of premium-quality scented drawer liner paper and many other fine scented products. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your own home or discover a gift for a loved one, you’ve come to the right place! Scentennials has been making scented drawer liners, fragrant home goods, and popular linen sprays for over 20 years. Our product selection includes multiple designs and fragrances of scented drawer liner paper, bath bombs, deodorizing charcoal bags, soap bars, and more. Our scented drawer liners are our signature product and include delightful fragrances like vanilla pearl, green tea and lemon, white ginger, and plumeria. We use top-quality fragrant oils in our drawer liners to ensure a long-lasting, incredible experience for our customers. Browse Scentennials products now!