Scented Drawer Liner Gift Set

Size: 3-Piece
Fragrance lovers will love the gift of scented drawer liners!

These fragrant, floral shelf liners are perfect for your dressers, kitchen, bathroom, vanity drawers, or linen closets.

You'll love pulling your clothes out of the dresser each day. Our 3-Piece Scented Drawer Liner Gift Set is presented in a Gold Presentation Box.

Our lovely, soft, and pleasant floral designs are charming additions to any décor that’s already in your lovely home.

Scentennials’ floral drawer liner paper is perfect for freshening up musty vintage drawers and bringing a sense of cohesion to your interior decoration.

Perfect for Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day or any other special occasion.

Contain 3 boxes of Scented Drawer Liners. Each box contains 6 sheets. Each sheet is sized 16.5" x 22"