Scented Bar Soap

Give your bathroom the fragrance upgrade it deserves with a choice of scented bar soap from Scentennials. We craft luxury bar soap with premium ingredients, including popular scents from well-known plants and flowers. Our inventory of scented bar soap includes gardenia, sea fresh, sweet rose, lavender fusion, and eucalyptus spearmint. Whether you’re looking for calm and soothing or bright and crisp, we have a scent to match your needs. Scentennials also has seasonal varieties, like merry mistletoe and Christmas coal—perfect stocking stuffers or last-minute holiday gifts. Grab one of our luxury bar soaps today for yourself or select one as a gift for family and friends.
Scented Bar Soap
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Lavender Fusion Soap Bar
Sweet Rose Soap Bar
Eucalyptus Spearmint Soap Bar
Green Tea and Lemon Soap Bar
Gardenia Soap Bar
Vanilla Soap Bar
Sea Fresh Soap Bar
Brown Sugar & Fig Soap Bar
Black Coal Soap Bar
Plumeria Soap Bar
Merry Mistletoe Soap Bar