Linen Spray 2oz Sample Set


 Our 7-Piece Linen Spray 2oz Gift Set allows you to sample all our fragrances. Contains the following 2oz bottles:

Green Tea & Lemon - Evoke inner peace and enhance your space with the crisp, lively aroma of citrusy notes blended with soothing Green Tea & Lemon.

Jasmine -A refreshing fragrance of floral blossom accord with spring jasmine, orange blossom nuances.

Lavender - Lavender's aroma is floral, herbaceous. Its unique aroma has a calming effect on the user and helps you to sleep better.

Plumeria - A nice blend of tropical fruits & flowers...brings to mind Hawaii and the tropics. An irresistible blend of fruits and florals.

Rose - The romantic scent of rose is like walking through a rose garden.

Sea Fresh - The freshness of the sea air.

White Ginger - A very good, clean, sophisticated fragrance.. Masculine and feminine scent.