Linen Spray 2oz Sample Set


When you need a burst of lovely fragrance for your bedroom, laundry, or daily clothing, we have the solution for you. Scentennials carries varieties of fresh linen spray to ensure any area of your home smells delightful 24/7!

Our 7-Piece Linen Spray 2oz Gift Set allows you to sample all our fragrances. Contains the following 2oz bottles:

Green Tea & LemonEvoke inner peace and enhance your space with the crisp, lively aroma of citrusy notes blended with soothing Green Tea & Lemon.

Jasmine -A refreshing fragrance of floral blossom accord with spring jasmine, orange blossom nuances.

Lavender Lavender's aroma is floral, herbaceous. Its unique aroma has a calming effect on the user and helps you to sleep better.

Plumeria A nice blend of tropical fruits & flowers...brings to mind Hawaii and the tropics. An irresistible blend of fruits and florals.

Rose - The romantic scent of rose is like walking through a rose garden.

Sea FreshThe freshness of the sea air.

White GingerA very good, clean, sophisticated fragrance.. Masculine and feminine scent.