How To Install Scented Drawer Liners

How To Install Scented Drawer Liners

There are so many wonderful ways to brighten up a home and make it more welcoming. One especially simple and delightful way to do so is to use scented drawer liners. These easy-to-use household helpers infuse clothing and home with their beautiful and subtle aromas. Our series all have convenient adhesive backs, making them easy to place in the desired drawer. How to install scented drawer liners is an easy task that’s well worth the effort.

Why Use Scented Drawer Liners

Aside from smelling great, drawer liners are very practical. They form a protective layer between your belongings and the drawers they are stored in. For antique furniture or musty woods, liners are an active defense against bad smells. They also protect unfinished furniture interiors from dings, dust, and spills. They’re easy to cleans and help fight dust build-up that could otherwise stain wooden interiors. Lastly, liners keep your clothes safe from any snags or splinters that may be common in rough or vintage furniture pieces.

Practicality aside, liners are always an attractive way to decorate. With our wide selection of colors, smells, styles, and patterns, you can match your furniture to suit the mood of the room. Cover up boring or ugly interiors with a splash of color that complements a space. Your scent of choice will brighten up the space every time you open a drawer, adding greatly to the beauty and enjoyment of rooms throughout the house.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

How to install scented drawer liners could not be simpler. You will need your chosen scented drawer liners, a pair of scissors, and a measuring tape. First, measure your drawers. We offer a few different common drawer widths, so—for most dressers—you likely will not need to worry about trimming to fit the sides. Mostly, you’ll need an accurate measurement from the inside front panels to the inside back panel—the complete length of the drawer. Then, open and roll out the liner paper. Mark the length needed on the paper and begin to cut.

The result should be a rectangle that fits snuggle in the bottom of the drawer. Finally, simply peel off the paper backing opposite the patterned side. Gently lay the adhesive on the bottom panel of the drawer and smooth it out with your hands or a tool. Many people only partially remove the backing paper, exposing two corners at a time, which they then line up and stick down first. This technique is easy and helps make sure your liner goes in straight the first time.

Paige Pesko