Why You Should Line Wooden Drawers

Why You Should Line Wooden Drawers

Antique furniture predictably has very specific requirements. More precisely vintage pieces and those made of solid wood or real-wood veneer require special considerations. Exposed grain, as well as raw wood, is easy to scratch or dent; in fact, it’s often a haven for collecting dust and dirt. Retaining a classic style while protecting drawer interiors are the best reasons why you should line wooden drawers.

They Tie Your Interior Decorating Together

Those worried that new liners may clash with their older pieces should look no further than our classic collection. Drawer liners are the traditional method for protecting liners, so don’t hesitate to restore the original look by adding liners back in. Subtle patterns, flowers, and minimalist color selections look the best in vintage dressers. Otherwise, consider ones with palettes and decorations to match the style of the room. 

It’s a simple and effective way to ensure every little detail is cohesive in your décor. While it's a small part of the whole experience, opening a drawer and seeing a splash of color that matches the rest of the room rather than wood is a very elegant touch.

Liners Protect Wooden Drawers

The main reason why you should line wooden drawers is to protect the interiors. While we don’t much think of it, drawers quickly become filled up with all manner of unexpected things, many of which can and will scratch and dent our drawers.

In a world full of plastic and particleboard, wooden furniture is well worth the effort to keep in good condition. Whether it's the inside or the outside, fending off mold, gouges, and scrapes is hard work. Fortunately, liners are a zero-effort way to defend the interiors, letting you focus on upkeeping the beautiful exterior.

Add Aromatherapy To a Room

Beyond just creating a sturdy layer between the drawer and its contents, many liners come with the option of scents. Adding a scented shelf liner comes with the subtle bonus of a great scent wafting up every time you open the drawer. It’s an even bigger bonus that your favorite outfits will absorb your favorite scent when you line a clothes dresser with one. Enjoy the benefit of clothes that always smell wonderfully fresh with Scentennial’s selection of classic aromas.

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