How To Make Your Baby's Clothes Smell Better Naturally

How To Make Your Baby's Clothes Smell Better Naturally

We all want what’s best for our children, especially when they’re at a delicate age. Babies are particularly sensitive to unpleasant smells. Besides this, we want our youngsters to enjoy the simple niceties of being surrounded by good-smelling things, starting with their clothes. However, not many ways exist to add smells without also adding harsh chemicals. What adults consider common ingredients are potentially harmful to babies, leading many parents to wonder how to make your baby’s clothes smell better naturally.

Use Gentle Disinfectants

Many factors could potentially lead to unwanted smells sticking to your child’s clothes. One common factor is the presence of bacteria lingering in storage areas, on clothes, or in the washer itself. While the bacteria won’t likely make anyone sick, they contribute to lingering unpleasant smells, deter fresh scents, and can even cause a musty smell. The best natural eliminator of unwanted bacteria is white vinegar.

You can add vinegar to water and use it as a cleanser to wipe down surfaces and naturally disinfect them. Additionally, the inside of your washer will benefit from occasionally being wiped down with vinegar. Lastly, white vinegar is gentle enough that you can add it directly to a wash cycle to thoroughly clean clothing.

Add Good Smells Without the Chemicals

We might indiscriminately apply perfume as well as use smelly detergents and dryer sheets when cleaning our clothing. While these products are excellent at imparting a lasting smell, the chemicals are often abrasive. Even adults suffer from allergies and skin rashes due to these ingredients. Babies are even more sensitive, so it’s not always the best to take this route.

Instead, scents should be gently induced without adding chemicals into the fibers of the clothes. One simple way to do this is via immersion. Adding a scented drawer liner paper for your baby locks good smells up in their cabinets. Clothes popped into drawers with these gentler smells will absorb the wonderful aromas without risk of rash or unhappy babies.

Apply Bad Smell Absorbers

Another effective method of how to make your baby’s clothes smell better naturally is to use safe scent absorbers. Chances are good that lingering moisture in cabinets and dressers or on the clothes themselves is what’s contributing to a bad smell. Some materials are very good at drawing out moisture, and with it goes the bacteria and smells they produce.

Adding a small dish of absorbent material such as plaster powder, kitty litter, or all baking soda is a simple solution. Simply tuck the container in the back of the dresser and forget about it. Occasionally refresh your stock as time goes on to keep the moisture-fighting qualities strong.

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