Uncommon Ways To Use Drawer Liners

Uncommon Ways To Use Drawer Liners

There are straightforward ways to use drawer liners—and then there are very uncommon ways to use drawer liners. After completing your basic lining projects in the kitchen, be sure to save your paper. You will be using it for more do-it-yourself renovations at home.

Around the Kitchen

There are so many uses for drawer liners around the kitchen. The everyday things we use drawer liners for are, of course, lining the drawers, cabinets, and under the sink! They make cleaning easier and help immensely with the organization.

On the Table

On the table, liners can be helpful as placemat setting decorations. We often don’t want to get a brand-new table set right away, so spice it up by covering what you have or creating some with drawer liners!

In the Fridge

Inside the fridge, you can install a drawer liner to clean up those random sticky fridge spills easier. Liners also help keep the rolling drawers on track, so don’t forget to add some. Then, when you open the refrigerator, you’ll always have a pleasant view!

Uses With Dishes

Using drawer liners with dishes is the best hack. Not only will they prevent plates from slipping when you’re trying to grab one, but they can protect the dishes from being chipped and scratched when you place squares in between before stacking. If you don’t like how your cups are drying (glass specifically), you can set the glasses on the liners as an ersatz drying rack.

As a Tool

Sometimes things in the kitchen are hard to open. Using a piece of liner to open a jar is a great uncommon use for them. Having little squares of liners around can come in handy!

Garbage Protection

You can use a drawer liner as garbage protection. On the insides of the can, you can line the bottom with paper, so the garbage that misses the bag can easily be seen and removed. If you’re tired of trying to clean your plain can, cover it with liner. If you have a small garbage area or cabinets, try lining it with drawer liners to reduce damage and dirt accumulation!

To Prevent Rust

You can use drawer liners to stop rust-prone objects from ruining your shelves. For example, if you have kitchen plants in a metal container, you do not have to worry about the water dripping on the floor, saving time from re-watering your plants and adding a pop of color!

Creating Decoration

If anything in your house seems bland, you can use liners to redecorate the item. You can do this on anything from your refrigerator to a storage tote. So don't be afraid to think and look at everything—both inside and outside of your home—when deciding what you’re going to change.

A Pattern Wall

Drawer liners can be used to create a patterned wall in your home, eliminating the need for painting and designs. You can mix and match designs or stay uniform; either way, it’ll be a great way to make simple upgrades to any room.


We use coasters casually around the house, some more than others. A great way to revive them is by lining your coasters. It can brighten up any area, such as the counter where you place a drink. Or, it can simply add color to any flat surface in your home.


If you want to create more pictures for your wall or places throughout your home, you can use the drawer liners as a background. Place a photo over a piece of liner, then frame the picture and hang it up. You can stop by the local resale shop for inexpensive frames.


A tremendous seasonal at-home project can be redecorating your mailbox. You can wrap it with different liners during the various seasons to be festive. It’s a casual way to change something outside of your home without massive renovations occurring,

Wire Shelves

If you need to stop things from falling off any pesky wire shelves, you can use drawer liners. They can line the top and bottom of the frames, thus eliminating the need for you to bend, reach, or even reorganize whenever you’re getting something from a shelf.

For Jewelry

An uncommon way to use drawer liners is to display your jewelry! Whether they’re in a drawer, on a surface, or wall, liners can hold your jewelry in place to prevent tangling and keep pairs together. Using liners is an incredible hack to use in the home and for traveling.

In the Bedroom

In the bedroom, you use drawer liners to line your bookshelves or dresser tops. It will also be an excellent place to display your jewelry holders that can be the same pattern or different.

Uses With Furniture

Using lavender drawer liners under your furniture cushions will not only prevent them from moving but aerate a great scent through the fabrics. Drawer liners work great when combined with kitchen chairs or even a sectional couch! Also, depending on how strong the paper is, you can place it underneath the furniture when you need to move it.

For Your Pets

An uncommon way to use drawer liners is for your pets! Using liners is a simple way to add a pop of color to their area. It’s a great low-maintenance change for yourself that’s also safe for your pets.

If you don’t want to change their entire space, you can cut a piece of liner and place it under their eating area. Liners will prevent bowls from being tipped over, so there won’t be pet food scattered everywhere, and there won’t be puddles of water for you to accidentally step in, either. Liners will soak it up.

For Your Children

When your children do messy artistic activities, you can place a drawer liner on the surface as a layer of protection. Using liners will prevent accidental markups from coloring and painting and make clean-up time easier. These also making great placemats when your children eat!

Now that you’re aware of drawer liners' many uses, don't be scared to experiment and share your ideas with others. You never know what ideas and creative hauls can come from sharing and using drawer liner hacks.

Uncommon Ways To Use Drawer Liners