How To Clean Drawer Liners

How To Clean Drawer Liners

After purchasing drawer liners, you never thought that you would be asking how to clean drawer liners. Following their installation, some critical things you’ll need to keep up with their maintenance are damp cloths, frequent dusting, and maybe even a drop of oil, depending on the damage.

Use Vegetable Oil

Only use vegetable oil if you have something extremely sticky on your liner. You can take a paper towel or a rag and dabble a few droplets onto it. Then, dab the vegetable oil onto the sticky areas of your drawer liner, allowing it to saturate for a few seconds. After it saturates, gently rub the oil and blot it out with the dry part of your cloth. When utilizing this method, ensure that you do not ruin the design of your liner or remove the fantastic scent that aerates from it.

Wipe With a Damp Cloth

Using damp cloths on baby drawer liners is an easy way to clean them, mainly because there is always a cloth, baby wipe, or water around. Taking a damp cloth to clean up a slip, stain, or general cleaning is highly recommended. When using a wet cloth, be sure to first wring it out so as not to ruin the adhesive and your liner’s scent.

Use Laundry Detergent

If you have a colored stain that will not come out, use a little laundry detergent. You can apply the same steps that you used with vegetable oil.

Dust Them Frequently

A way to learn how to clean drawer liners is by using dusters. Dusting is the best way to go about cleaning and keeping up your drawer liners. Remove the items in the drawer, then use a regular duster to clean the liner and surrounding area.

If there is a massive amount of dust, use the vacuum hose to assist with cleaning. If these options do not sound like they will get the job done and bring your liners back to life, it may be time to part ways with them and replace them with one of our new fragrances or designs!