How To Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh in a Dresser

How To Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh in a Dresser

Drab drawers are not only boring to look at but are mess breeding grounds. Regardless of the material of a dresser, most have very plain insides. Metal, composite, plastic, and even fine wood dressers rarely have much to look at on the inside. In addition, these raw and rough surfaces are less than ideal long- term storage solutions. Despite being made to store things, raw interiors of drawers—especially in solid wood or composite board dressers—can be a haven for moisture as well as stain and dust magnets. Besides the messiness, this dampness can lead to a few major problems. Namely, stale and musty odors. This includes in the drawers where clothes are stored.

The foe of any good housekeeper, musty and stale smells can creep out of seemingly nowhere and wreak havoc on our allergies and peace of mind. Musty smelling clothes can be especially detrimental and disappointing. Rewashing clothes wastes money and adding more chemicals to try and prolong freshness only damages clothes over time. Because of all this, you’re probably curious about how to keep clothes smelling fresh in a dresser. An easy cure for all these problems is to protect your furniture and the belongings they store with scented drawer liner paper.

What is a Drawer Liner?

Like the name suggests, drawer liners are rolls of material which are applied to drawers and other storage surfaces. These awesome protective surfaces were often added to furniture back in the fifties and lining drawers was as common a chore as any other. Decorating even the interior most spaces of a home was as much a matter of pride and self-expression as any other part of the house. Besides looking good, liners are an important way to defend furniture, ensuring a piece will last for many years to come. Today, liners are seeing a well-deserved resurgence as home makers take a harder look at their belongings and care more about preserving what’s important.

There are a lot of different liners currently available on the market that will fit just about anyone’s needs. Usually, they are made of material that is of a sturdy and wear-tolerant nature. Cloth, tough or sealed paper, and especially vinyl are a few common types. Vinyl is particularly popular as it is very tear resistant. Scentennials offers a huge variety of liners in different colors, patterns, and textures. In addition, convenient size variations are available and every roll has a peel-away adhesive back. Applying liners is now much less of a project then it was back in the day. Most exciting is the innovation of scented liners, which smell great when they are opened and infuse anything in them with a fresh aroma. Besides improving your mood with a burst of aromatherapy every you time root through a drawer, scented liners help protect everything in them from stale air and must.

How Drawer Liners Help Protect Clothes

Liners look great in any drawer of a storage shelf. Besides this, they are a great way to protect those interior surfaces from a lot of different types of wear. Adding liners places a layer of safety between your drawer and anything in it. That means your furniture will get dinged, dented, and scratched much less. In turn, that protects everything in it from chipping paint, splinters, and cracks. Especially for clothing, this can be a life saver as one snag can mean the difference between nice outfits and ragged or ripped clothes. Besides all this, liners actively combat musty smells at the source.

Adding drawer liners creates a bond that locks out moisture, especially in unfinished surface drawers made of wood. Drawers instantly become dry and safe from the build-up of allergens and bacteria, ensuring longevity to anything placed in them. This is extra important for clothes since we wear them every day. Keeping clothes moisture free and smelling great helps cut back on the need to rewash them, increasing their longevity. The smooth seal of the liner also makes drawers less of a dust collector, keeping your clothes free of any sneeze-inducing particulates. Raw interiors have porous surfaces which absorb subtle moistures in the air overtime and create tiny surfaces for dust to gather. Dust that scurries into a liner-sealed drawer will have no cracks to hide in and can be easily wiped away.

Simple Solutions To Better Smelling Clothes

With all these benefits such as low cost and ease of use, it’s easy to see why housekeepers are getting excited about drawer liners. In addition to protecting clothes, liners are great at keeping clothes smelling fresh in a dresser. With so many different scent options and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to match the mood of a room to a subtle scent that wafts up every time a drawer is opened. When applied to clothing storage spaces, the genius behind the product is immediately evident. Scented liners eliminate musty smells by encouraging better smells to be absorbed into clothing. This means that your favorite pieces will always have an enticing aroma of their own. It’s a simple way to keep things nice in the house and even nicer in public. Rather than risk stains and thread damage by applying alcohol-based perfumes, scented liners immerse clothes in a good smell that lingers for longer without causing damage.

All in all, scented drawer liner papers are an easy and fast way to protect clothes and keep them smelling fresh. Warding off musty smells ensures that one wash is all an outfit needs to stay allergen free and ready to go for longer storage periods. This means taking better care of your favorite pieces of attire, as even gentle cycles and detergents can damage threads over time. Keeping clothes smelling great all the time helps discourage the need to introduce abrasive chemicals and products into drawers or the washing machine. In addition, liners are easy to apply and remove, making them a fun and simple way to explore more interior decorating options.

How To Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh in a Dresser

Paige Pesko