The Different Ways To Use Linen Spray

The Different Ways To Use Linen Spray

A great and underappreciated method for freshening up a home and its contents is with linen spray. The different ways to use linen spray are near infinite. Such a simple and luxurious helper to any homemaker, they are a fun and easy way to liven up the odors of a home.

Make It All Smell Good

With just one spritz, the aroma of a linen spray is distributed into a divine mist of cleanliness. Linen spray is typically made with water or neutral alcohol as the carrier for the scent. This means it can easily be used anywhere in the house.

Just give a little dusting in any clothes drawer, over the carpet, in pet beds, and—of course—on linens, whether they are on the bed or in storage. The Scentennials linen spray collection has a curated selection of wonderful aromas that will uplift any space.

An Air Freshener Alternative

One of the different ways to use linen spray is to use them instead of commercial air fresheners. Most air fresheners come in pressurized aerosol cans straight off the big-box shelves. Though these might seem convenient, they are packed with unhealthy chemicals. Besides the unnatural methods used to pump them full of artificial scents, aerosol cans are loaded with noxious gasses.

Our linen sprays are a natural alternative to the mainstream types. Made with scented water and packaged in a convenient spray, you get a great smell without the chemicals. You can rest assured that your choice of luxury linen spray will be safe to breathe no matter where you use it in your home. Try a little burst of aromatherapy in every room!

A Fast Way To Boost Cleaning

Whether you are working on a deep clean throughout your house or only have time for a quick dusting, linen sprays are a terrific ally. During major scrubbing efforts, you can spritz linen sprays onto surfaces to help wipe away dust and leave a nice scent.

They are also a great way to touch up the scent in an area where other cleaners were used, or just as a signature signoff to a now perfectly clean spot in the house. Linen spray is also excellent for light cleaning. When there is not enough time to pull everything apart and get to the root of a mess or odor, a little linen spray can go a long way to spruce up or mask a room’s scent. Especially with the potential for house guests hopefully drawing near, a blast of linen spray in traffic areas is sure to draw compliments.

Paige Pesko