Poppy Delight Scented Drawer Liners

  • PRINT WITH POPPY FLOWER - This lovely soft and pleasant floral design is a charming addition to decor already in your lovely home.
  • WONDERFUL LONG LASTING FRAGRANCE- Bright citrus accents this fruity floral masterpiece which unfolds to reveal peach blossoms and lily blooming amid warm woody tones. Cassis berries elevate the floral accord and fade to reveal crystal rose petals and velvet moss.
  • KEEPS CLOTHES AND LINENS FRESH - These fragrance infused shelf and drawer liners keep your clothes smelling pleasant and fresh. You'll love pulling your clothes out of the dresser each day. Perfect for freshening up musty vintage drawers.
  • BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING - Each set of Scentennials Drawer Liners is delivered in a matching gift box that can be kept as a keepsake.
  • 6, 12 OR 18 SHEETS IN A SINGLE BOX - Contains 6, 12 or 18 16.5 x 22 inch non-adhesive paper sheets for your home's drawers and shelves. Can easily be cut to the size, and are perfect to use as shelf liners in your linen closet or to freshen that musty vintage cabinet.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Remove from box, unroll and cut to fit the drawer or shelf. To keep unused sheets smelling fresh, store in a sealed plastic bag. The drawer liners can be recycled after use.