Irish Clover Bath Bomb

Scent: Irish Clover

There’s nothing quite like filling up your tub, dropping in a bath bomb, and relaxing after a long day’s work!

Scentennials has you covered with our selection of high-quality scented bath bombs. Browse more than 10 enriching fragrances, including lavender and sage, vanilla, Christmas coal, snickerdoodle, and merry mistletoe.

We also have a eucalyptus spearmint variety, which is particularly useful for clearing up sinus pressure. As soon as you try one of our luxury bath bombs, you won’t want to stop!

Scentennials’ premium bath bombs make marvelous gifts for anyone in your life who loves to kick back and relax.

Other high-quality scented bath bombs include green tea, plumeria, and sea fresh. Browse these remarkable and addicting fragrances now!