Organizational Hacks for Preparing a Nursery

Organizational Hacks for Preparing a Nursery

If you’re going to be a new mommy soon, you may need some organizational hacks for preparing a nursery in your home. All nurseries may gather some clutter over time, adding undue stress to new parents. Be sure to follow these hacks to keep your nursery in tip-top shape when your little one comes!

Purchase Multi-Functional Furniture

One of the best things you can do while preparing for your child is to purchase everything you need before the baby comes.

Once your baby is born, everything will move at the speed of light. You may not have time to run out to the store to grab extra diapers or an extra dresser for all the clothes you received for them at the baby shower!

Multi-functional furniture is a fantastic option for keeping a nursery intact. For example, buy a dresser/changing station combo instead of purchasing two separate pieces. This type of dual-purpose furniture will save you both money and room in the nursery, creating a cleaner and more spacious feel.

You can also purchase a rocking chair that comes with other legs to convert into a standard chair once the baby is older. That way, you can always place it in another room for extra seating. If your rocking chair comes with an ottoman, that’s another perfect storage space!

Keep Changing Station Tidy

Whether you have an individual changing station or your multi-functional dresser, it’s essential to keep it neat and organized each time you use it. If you need to perform a quick diaper change (which may happen more often than you’d like), you’ll want to be able to find exactly what you need when you need it.

Spending time looking for the items you need while your little one is upset can add unnecessary stress for both of you.

Be sure to wipe down your station and put everything back where you found it to ensure a smooth diaper change every time.

Another thing to consider: Where there is a changing station, there is the dreaded “baby poop” smell. To keep the baby’s clothes and your home smelling fresh, be sure to use scented drawer liners for your nursery. You can choose from many scents that provide light, pleasant, and subtle notes perfect for a nursery.

Use Drawer Dividers

A great way to keep your space organized is by using dividers to separate products from each other, making items easier to find when you need them.

For example, you may not need each drawer for clothes; use a drawer or two for extra baby wipes, lotions, and anything else you might need for your baby.

Label, Label, Label

Everything needs a home, so each item you have must have a designated space. For example, your baby’s toiletries should be in a bin labeled “toiletries.” If you want extra organization, you can even list everything inside the container.

If you have baby clothes that will fit your child when they’re one month, three months, six months, etc., be sure to hang them up in the closet and label them. Organizing in this way will help you find the clothes you need quickly and recognize when you can pack away old, outgrown items.

A bonus benefit of labeling your items is that your child can begin learning right away! As they grow, they’ll begin to associate words with specific items because they’ll grow familiar with the labels. They can even help you clean once they’re of age, as they’ll know where everything goes.

Use Space Under the Crib

Use empty space to your advantage. If there is space under your baby’s crib, place extra bins underneath for additional storage space. Try using fabric bins to give the nursery a softer look! It can even be a great place to store blankets, pillows, sheets, or other supplies.

Keep in mind that some cribs may come with extra drawer space; we always appreciate more storage!

By keeping your items together in the right areas, you’ll create a much more organized nursery.

Reuse Boxes for Outgrown Items

Try using old diaper boxes or gift boxes to store your child’s outgrown items for an eco-friendly and disposable option instead of plastic bins you’d rather keep. This way, when it comes time to sell or donate, you can hand the box over and start over again instead of taking the clothes out to give away.

If you choose to reuse your baby’s old clothes for a future child, keep them in a box and store them in an attic, finished basement, or another out-of-the-way spot. In doing so, you’ll make room for more time-sensitive things, products, and clothes you need right now.

Make It Mobile

When things are a bit chaotic at home, do yourself a favor and use a cart to store your most important items. That way, you’re not tied to the nursery. Using a handy utility cart for all your feeding and changing items will enable you to move throughout your home while tending to your child.

Use Baskets as Part of Your Decor

Who said functionality and style couldn’t go together? Try using a wire or wicker basket to hold your products together while adding more personality to your nursery. If you don’t have space underneath your crib, baskets are a great place to store your blankets and crib items.

Keep the Hamper Handy

Be sure to keep your hamper near the changing station or any frequent areas like the bathroom. Sure, keeping the hamper in the closet may give you some extra space, but the nursery will look messy if the clothes end up lying on the floor.

Be sure to keep your hamper where you can see it so that you can toss in your baby’s dirty clothes right away, resulting in less clutter.

Take Advantage of Wall Space

There are many ways to use your wall space for more storage. For example, use floating shelves to hold bins with extra bottles and toys for easy access.

You can even use a key holder to hang extra bibs on the wall. Try looking around the room and using each spot to your advantage for more organization.

Having a baby can be stressful, but it’s also the most rewarding thing a mother can do. By using these organizational hacks for preparing a nursery, your life will be easier and more organized, making motherhood more fun!

Organizational Hacks for Preparing a Nursery
Ben Halsel