How To Store Bath Bombs so That They Last Longer

How To Store Bath Bombs so That They Last Longer

When most people think of bath bombs, they likely don’t think to look for an expiration date. For the most part, everything inside a bath bomb is entirely shelf-stable—no need to worry about rankness or mold in general. However, these fizzy little wonders are dependent on a chemical reaction to work properly. If you don’t learn how to store bath bombs so that they last longer, you may end up with something that dissolves slowly or unevenly when you toss it in a bath. While still usable in terms of adding color and scents to a bath, it’s not nearly as satisfying.

The Life of a Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are composed primarily of baking soda, citric acid, and all the wonderful ingredients that make a bath so much better. Often this includes healthy oils, scents, and sometimes dyes for extra fun. The first two ingredients, though, are most important. Citric acid and baking soda together create the characteristic bicarbonate-like fizzing that releases and thoroughly mixes the other ingredients into the bath.

During the construction of these products, the two ingredients mix as little as possible before drying so that premature fizzing doesn’t happen. After a few months, the citric acid’s potency may begin to decay. More importantly, though, moisture in the air can trigger fizzing and ruin a bath bomb.

Defending Against the Elements

How to store bath bombs so that they last longer ultimately comes down to putting a seal between your fizzy collection and the dangers of outside air. If you’re like most people and enjoy steaming up a bathroom when washing up, carefully consider where you store bath bombs. Ordinary moisture in the air due to climate and weather can have an incremental impact on fizziness. Unsurprisingly, routinely subjecting bath bombs to a steam-filled room is significantly more destructive.

The easiest way to defend your bath bombs is to place them in an airtight container. A simple ziplock bag is a quick solution many people use. For a more aesthetically pleasing container, try decorating a waterproof box or a Tupperware container with a quality freshness seal. Finally, remember that bath bombs can’t last forever despite using primarily shelf-stable ingredients. Use your luxury bath bombs with natural oils and plant butter within a year for the best results.

Chris Vale