The Benefits of Shea Butter in Soap

The Benefits of Shea Butter in Soap

With so many conveniences to trim time off our endless chores, It’s easy to let the little things become lost in the details. However, taking quality care of our bodies should never be a forgotten detail. One simple way we can show ourselves a little self-love is by taking the time to source and use less abrasive cleaners on our skin and hair. As such, the benefits of shea butter in soap are vital to know. By going with this ingredient, you can go natural instead of relying on industrially produced washes.

What Is Shea Butter?

Believe it or not, shea is a tree species that originates from Africa. The nuts from this tree are in demand for cosmetic products. Companies reduce the shea nuts to their fat content, which comes out as smooth ivory-colored cream called shea butter. Like fats and oils from other plants, it’s edible in its raw form. In Africa, it’s a commonly used cooking oil and ingredient.

How Traditional Soaps Are Different

People make old-fashioned soaps with a process called saponification. They introduce an alkali to fat, which causes a chemical reaction. A portion of the original materials transforms into fatty acid salt and glycerol. The result is an ultra-smooth luxury natural soap with incredible moisturizing properties. Natural soaps use this transformation to enhance the oils and health in your skin and hair in addition to cleansing you.

Their creation is a straightforward process that small businesses and independent creators use to make high-quality bars with no extra ingredients or tools. Factory-made soaps in supermarkets aren’t the same, though. Instead, they’re detergents and strip your skin and hair of their necessary oils. The result of overusing these unhealthy products is dry skin and fried air.

Why Shea Butter Is Healthy

Like many oils and plant fats people commonly use in cooking, the stuff you can eat is just as good to apply directly to the skin. In the same way that honey, olive oil, and coconut oil are great in cosmetics, so is shea butter. It’s a clean oil that moisturizes and washes away grime without leaving residue.

Shea butter is also an ingredient in the treatment of sensitive or damaged skin. It’s rich in nutrients that boost skin health as well. Finally, it’s useful to ease the pain of burns and helps fend off wrinkles. In short, the benefits of shea butter in soap change your washing-up routine from simply wiping away dirt to actively helping and healing your body.