Benefits of Drawer Liners

Benefits of Drawer Liners

Everyone has their favorite piece of furniture. For some, it’s an heirloom handed down through generations, and for others, it’s a piece that’s stood the test of time and proved its worth. Whatever it is, keeping it in good shape is at the top of all our lists. One way to accomplish precisely that is to enlist the many benefits of drawer liners to assist.

They Ward off Dust and Moisture

The most crucial role of the drawer liner is to create a seal. The adhesive back of liners creates a sturdy layer of glue on your furniture’s exposed interior. The result is a dust, dirt, and a moisture-proof barrier. Busy homeowners will enjoy how easy it is to wipe down the interiors of dressers, drawers, and shelves, making dusting and disinfecting a quick task. Besides this, the ongoing protection against humidity, leaks, and spills ensures that mold doesn’t have a foothold to cling to inside your furniture.

Keep Clothes Clean and Fresh

Another benefit of drawer liners that we can’t state enough is how they protect clean clothing. As noted, keeping drawers lined with our incredible array of contact paper is sure to keep dust and mold at bay. It’s these elements that lead to stained and strange-smelling clothing. Few things are as frustrating as pulling out a recently washed item only to discover that it has an unpleasant odor. Luxury scented drawer liners work twice as hard by blocking mold-causing moisture and by imparting wonderful and fresh smells into the clothes.

They Protect Your Furniture

For decades, homeowners looking to protect their favorite pieces of furniture from the wear and tear of everyday life have used drawer liners. Anyone with wooden furniture or any surfaces that see many interactions has use for these helpful protectors. While the traditional paper was often a simple sheet of paper glued down, modern vinyl contact paper is much sturdier. Unprotected furniture tends to chip, bend, and retain easily avoidable damage. In contrast, the flexible nature of the drawer liner material allows it to handle accidental drops, bangs, and gouges with ease.

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