Things To Consider When Purchasing a Room Spray

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Room Spray

Who knew that before you can begin making your home smell good, there are things to consider when purchasing a room spray? These considerations include looking at the ingredients, the scent you choose, using the spray around the entire house, and assessing whether it’s a good product for the home. There are several more considerations to ponder; learn more below.

What Is the Scent?

The scent is, of course, the most important thing to look for when searching for a room spray. The smell is powerful and can affect your emotion, creativity levels, and memory. For example, if you seek to create a calmer house, a great scent to use is lavender.

If you seek to remove sickness in your home, lemon or orange spray would be great for you. Depending on the people in your household, too, you should beware of allergies, fragrance sensitivities, and asthma. You don’t want a breakout or breakdown to occur!

How Long Does It Last?

A great thing to check before purchasing a room spray is how long it lasts. The duration that the spray stays on furniture and in the air is vital because you don’t want a spray that doesn't stick. Also, ensuring that you have a quality spray will allow you to spray once and have the smell continue doing its job all day long.

What Are the Ingredients?

A great thing to consider when purchasing a room spray is the active ingredients. When purchasing rooms sprays, we tend to focus on what they smell like rather than if they contain harmful chemicals.

By reading the ingredients, you make yourself aware of what you and your family members are ingesting. This step will also make you aware of the flammability of your product; this can help you understand how to adequately store your spray, as well.

What Malodor Are You Dealing With?

Depending on what malodor you are trying to prevent from occurring, you may need a specified type of room spray. Picking a scent that does not make the distasteful smell worse is equally critical in determining your area spray.

Some sprays are only good for masking smells, while others tackle the stench at hand. If a room spray cannot cover the malodor, try placing a concoction of baking soda and sliced lemons in the corner of the rooms in your house to absorb odors! If you still want a pleasant natural scent, you can put some vinegar in our products—that will allow for a more pungent smell to aerate with the natural scents!

How Is the Room’s Airflow?

By considering the room's airflow when purchasing a room spray, you will prevent yourself from having adverse health effects from your room spray. Such side effects may include headaches, lack of breath, and the development of skin issues.

You do not want to use a spray in a room without airflow. If the air in a room is stale, you need to force air to prevent unsavory smells. Additionally, certain scents may overpower rooms with little airflow.

Airflow is essential because if you cannot crack a window or turn on a fan, the smell will not aerate to other areas in the house. On the other hand, if your ventilation is lacking, there will be an accumulation of carbon dioxide with little oxygen released.

Is It Sustainable?

You want to pick a room spray that is sustainable, meaning you can use it and again without harming the environment, the air quality, or yourself. Choosing a natural lavender spray, for instance, will prevent you from experiencing adverse effects on your health!

Is It Pet Friendly?

When you read the ingredients on your room spray, be sure to ensure it is pet-friendly. You don’t want your pet to inhale carcinogens or have their eyesight affected by the spray. Checking the ingredients and watching how your pet reacts to the room spray will let you know if it’s the right choice for every member of your family.

What Is the Size & Price?

When considering what room spray to buy, you will look undoubtedly at the size and price of the bottle. The size of the bottle will indicate how long it will likely last if you use it regularly in all areas of the house. You will be looking at the price because there is no reason to spend a frivolous amount on a product that you will have to purchase frequently. It’s great to find a product that can aid in household maintenance and cleaning without breaking the bank!

Is It Multipurpose?

A smart thing to consider when purchasing a room spray is whether it is multipurpose. When buying a spray, you do not want to feel restricted to only using it in one area. A multipurpose spray will allow you to mist the entire household without interruption.

Some citrus sprays may even be suitable for reducing smells in the bathrooms or naturally repelling bugs on the front porch. Natural lavender spray can be great for bedrooms and areas throughout the house that feature linen furniture! If you’re a person who likes to keep one consistent smell throughout the home, you may try to match your candles or wax melts with your room spray scent.

What Is the Current Season?

Seasonal items usually feature limited-time scents that you may only see again in the next fiscal year. Double-checking the smell of the spray to make sure that it’s not just a seasonal scent will give you time to either stock up or find a new fragrance that you can put in service throughout your house. Some notable seasonal mentions are pumpkin, pine, and frost. Choosing season scents will also give you something to look forward to when the season comes around—you can pick a new scent for each season!

What Do the Product Reviews Say?

When purchasing a room spray, be sure you consider the product ratings and reviews. The ratings will give you a general idea of the quality of the product. The reviews will provide you with a more in-depth and unbiased view of what the product is like for consumers. Reviews may also feature pictures that are more realistic than the ones on the company’s website or advertisements.

By shopping with Scentennials, you can ensure you will have the best room spray around. You’ll be able to proudly brag about your house’s scent to all your friends and family.Things To Consider When Purchasing a Room Spray

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