How To Keep Baby Clothes Smelling Fresh in Drawers

How To Keep Baby Clothes Smelling Fresh in Drawers

No matter what it is, if it sits for too long, it starts to stink, and the same goes for clothes. When left unattended, clothes start to get a stale smell and can even go musty. Most of the time, people don’t notice until their allergies start to act up and rewash unused outfits over and over. However, when it comes to our little ones, we are much more careful. In fact, many moms wonder how to keep baby clothes smelling fresh in drawers—after all, babies are very sensitive to smells as well as the condition of their clothes. Drawer liners can make all the difference with minimal fuss or muss!

Subtle Solutions Without the Chemicals

Washing repeatedly or changing our choice of washing detergents is not a good solution when it comes to kids. Repeat washes will deteriorate their clothes, leading to discomfort and expensive replacements. Adding more chemicals to fight off must longer may also irritate a baby’s skin in addition to the clothing disintegrating. The battle should not be in the washer machine—instead, fight smells in the drawers where they occur. Apply scented liner paper to help keep your baby healthy and happy. Not only are they attractive, but they fight bad smells before they begin.

Defensive Decorating

Adding liners to the interior of a drawer is a great way to put a personal touch on forgotten spaces. Drawers are often neglected despite their essentialness, and they often look raw and uninteresting compared to the things they hold. Liners are inexpensive and easy to apply, so parents can decorate every space just right for the baby. Additionally, scented drawer liner papers for baby help out by gradually infusing their aroma into anything porous. This is especially effective on clothes folded up and placed inside lined drawers. Keep the soothing fresh smell for longer and musty odors at bay.

No Mess—Ever

Finally, forget any so-called solutions that involve messy product being stuffed into a drawer. Cat litter, baking soda, and other similar additions can gradually absorb smells—at the cost of taking up extra drawer space. Additionally, these products can potentially stain and damage items. Liners are the ultimate solution, as they both seal and protect drawer interiors as well as stop the stink. With a peel away adhesive back, liners are easy to use and mess free. Even if used alongside other scent reducing tactics, the liner is sure to protect the wood from any damaging spills.

Overall, liners are a simple solution to keep baby clothes smelling fresh in drawers. Here at Scentennials, we offer a wide array of inexpensive and colorful liners for every decorating project. With both scented and unscented options, our products will fit perfectly in any dresser, cabinet, or utility drawer. Liners are a fun way to spruce up any interior space!

Paige Pesko