How To Prevent Bath Bombs From Shattering in Shipment

How To Prevent Bath Bombs From Shattering in Shipment

Baths are a great way to end the day or a relaxing treat on a spa day. Also, bath bombs are a fun way to add some color to any bath. Do you enjoy creating your own bath bombs and sending them to relatives? Making bath bombs is an easy and fun hobby that anyone can enjoy; however, when it’s time to ship your bath bomb, the process is a bit trickier than you think.

When placed in a box, bath bombs tend to do what they do best: roll around. If you want to make sure your customer or family member is happy with their gift, you’ll need to know how to prevent bath bombs from shattering in shipping.

What Are Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs are known for their colorful explosion when you place them in a bathtub. But what makes up a bath bomb? Many people compare bath bombs to popping candy due to their fizzy features. People create the most basic bath bombs with baking soda and dyes. However, luxury bath bombs typically include bath salts, essential oils, and additional moisturizing ingredients.

While most bath bombs are safe for the skin, certain bath bombs contain harmful ingredients to the skin or cause rashes and other conditions. When purchasing bath bombs or making your own, research their elements to ensure healthy skin for all.


Understanding how to properly prepare for the shipment of your bath bomb is perhaps the most critical step in the shipping process. How you wrap your bath bomb can impact its shape and effectiveness.

Many people use different wrapping methods, but the main idea is to ensure that there is no space in the shipping box. Here are a few ways to add padding to your bath bombs while packing them.

Shrink-Wrap Method

The shrink-wrap method is the most popular method of packaging bath bombs because many bath bombs are easy to crumble. Shrink-wrap prevents any ingredients from escaping by keeping the bath bomb tightly in place. Some people may even double shrink-wrap to tighten the security of the bath bomb further. Typically this process is done alongside placing the label around the bath bomb.

Tissue Paper

If you don’t have the proper supplies to shrink-wrap your bath bombs, or you’re looking for a way to cover your bath bombs without plastic, you can tissue paper to wrap them! This may require additional tissue paper to ensure the bath bombs are secure.

Fabric Wrap

An eco-friendly way to secure your bath bombs in the box is by wrapping them with fabric material. You can do this by wrapping your bath bomb with three corners and using the fourth corner to tie around the material in a knot. You can find fabric at your nearest hobby shop or even in your home! Using fabric wrap is friendly to the environment and adds thicker padding and a cuter presentation to the bath bomb.

Bubble Wrap Method

After securing your bath bombs with their first layer of wrap, try adding bubble wrap to them to protect them from rolling around even more.


Placing the bath bombs in your box with barriers between each bath bomb is the easiest way to prevent them from rolling around inside the box.

A great way to test if your bath bombs are safe in place is by gently rattling the box and listening for any thuds or noise that may indicate the bath bombs are rolling. If you hear any noise while shaking the box, open it back up and add more padding to your bath bombs. This will ensure that your bath bombs are secure during the rough shipping process.

Use the Right Box

Make sure you use a box that is big enough to fit all your bath bombs and small enough that they won’t move. You also want a parcel made of solid and sturdy cardboard to protect them. You can find different boxes from any post office or retail store, like Staples.

Tissue Paper

Wrapping tissue paper has many uses! Filling the space in between your bath bombs with tissue paper is an easy and cost-effective way to prevent your bath bombs from shattering. Head to the dollar store and purchase wrapping tissue and place around five tissue papers in any space in the box.

Crinkle Paper

An eco-friendly way to add cushion to your bath bombs is by placing some recyclable crinkled paper in the box within the empty spaces.

Packing Peanuts

Another way to pad your bath bombs is by using packing peanuts. Although this packing method can absorb shock within your box, it may take up more space in your package, crowding your bath bombs. Keep in mind that if you’re using eco-friendly packing peanuts, they may melt in the heat.

If the mail carrier handles the box roughly, your bath bombs will hit the soft paper instead of the stiff cardboard material, preventing damage.

Before you finish packing, try to add a personal touch by writing your friend or family member a letter and placing it in your box!


Certain carriers may handle your package differently. When choosing which carrier to go with, make sure you research them and ensure you’re picking a suitable carrier to take care of your bath bomb package!

If you live in a warmer climate, try to ship your bath bombs using an expedited shipping method to ensure they arrive within a few days. Your bath bombs mustn’t encounter moisture at any point in the shipping process. If your bath bombs come into contact with water, they could crumble, or worse, activate in the box.

When labeling your box, inform the carrier that your parcel is fragile. This will help prevent rough handling during the process. It’s also helpful to tell your recipient that their bath bombs are on their way! This will prevent the bath bombs from sitting on their front porch in certain weather conditions.

When packing and shipping homemade skin-care products, it’s essential to know how to prevent bath bombs from shattering in shipping. This task is a hassle, but adding protective materials and picking the right carrier can ensure your bath bombs arrive safely. So create, pack, and ship away!

How To Prevent Bath Bombs From Shattering in Shipment
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