Whether you've got a giant entryway with plenty of room to spare, or door that leads, there a few things your front entryway should have. When decorating a foyer remember to include these essential Items. 



This is a phenomenal exotic Indonesian han-made table of wood and tamarind legs, just perfect for foyer.

A table is always a great idea if you have space but if you don't, try to installing a shelf or wall bracket. 




 A bench is a great way to decorate a Foyer, Mudroom, or an Entryway as it can be both visually pleasing and functional. I used accent pillows to highlight some of the colors found on the bench.

A piece like this is great to avoid trekking through the house with shoes on that could be dirty, wet, damaging to the floor. It was a great inclusion for our home!


More Tips for Decorating a Foyer


  A full length mirror is great if it makes sense in your space. also great because they open up the space and reflect light, in a small entryway. 


Many foyers will have a chandelier which is great, but it's always nice to have another light source as sconces or a table lamp. They create a soft and welcoming atmosphere that is really beautiful when guest come over. 


Remember that the entryway sets the scene for your home, so when decorating a foyer put as much thought into it as you would any other room in the house. Think about style, color and what kind of mood you want to create.

 Please enjoy, and let us know you can think of that you try out in the comments below!